REZN8 – is a 9 time Emmy Award-winning wholly owned subsidiary of StereoVision

Since 1987

Hollywood based REZN8, winner of 9 Emmy Awards has been instrumental in creating experiences for a broad spectrum of clients across a wide range of platforms which include ABC, CBS, NBC, UFC, Netflix and Microsoft. REZN8 is acknowledged as a leader in motion graphics and animation as well as a pioneer in interface design and implementation.

REZN8 is a mash-up of artists, brand experts, designers, interface gurus, and programmers, all with the uncommon skills to adapt and evolve in order to meet each client’s specific needs.

REZN8 offers a unique blend of award-winning design, brand expertise, unorthodox thinking, and command of current and emerging technologies to deliver comprehensive, cross-media-platform image systems.


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Chairman & President, Jack Honour
Chief Creative Officer, Harvey Lowry
Special Project Director, Paul Sidlo

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